Multipurpose collapsible counters in bags

Mobile modular re-brandable point of sale with interchangeable workstations



Base counter

R9,900 ex vat

flat counter entry level base counter with optional additional features


Suck dick




Reinforced to support an 80kg coffee machine. Interchangeable work station


Bar work station

R11,600 ex vat – purchase price. Collapsible stainless ice-well and speedrail. Includes drainage tap to stop or drain water.


Versa Re-Brandable

Versa Re-Brandable

Brandable Versa

$1600 + shipping


5 series Marine grade aluminium

3mm removable serving counter

2mm Frame doors and work station

Powder coated or anodised to colours of choice

1200×800 perspex panel

White led lighting

Versa Re-Brandable

Additional Serving Counter


Fold down / up additional serving space

Versa Re-Brandable

Work station options

$200 flat work counter reinforced for 80kg coffee machine.

$400 Bar profile work desk with 304 stainless steel ice-well and fold forward collapsible speed-rail


Versa Re-Brandable

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Barcode products are built in marine grade 5 series magnesium alloy as opposed to the common 1 series silicon alloy.

Counters are designed to be able to be refitted by an average handy man with parts bought from a local hardware store.You will need 4.8mm pop rivets, a pop rivet gun and a drill with a 5mm drill bit.

We will coat and ship you new parts to replace damaged parts uncoated, anodised or powdercoated colour matched otherwise you need to find your nearest re-coater for damaged parts.